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Release bonanza! Three books ready to rock your Shadowrun game now out!

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Oh, have we got some fun for you today! Intrigue, double-dealings, addictions, nefarious deeds, secret plots, dark magic, and loads of attitude–all the things we love about Shadowrun spread over three books now ready for your enjoyment!

We start with the final plot book for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition–Storm Front! Not only is this book now available for PDF purchase and print pre-order, (BattleshopDriveThruRPG), but its street date is fast approaching–you’ll be able to get it in print on March 27! Covering the end of the Aztlan-Amazonia war, the climax of the conflict between dragons, intrigue in Denver, a political crisis in Seattle, and more, Storm Front summarizes and updates the major ongoing plots in the Sixth World, while introducing a new thread that will shake the world in the near future. Serving as a bridge between Fourth Edition and Fifth Edition, Storm Front is a wealth of plot ideas and hooks to enliven any campaign.

Here’s the full summary:

All-Shaking Thunder

It’s been a tense couple of years (or couple of decades, if we’re being accurate) in the Sixth World. Aztlan and Amazonia have been slugging it out. Great dragons have turned on each other, testing old alliances and forging new ones. Governor Kenneth Brackhaven of Seattle is facing pressure unlike ever he’s ever seen, and scandals seem on the verge of overwhelming him. In Denver, a powerful dragon and an angry elf are set to butt heads in ways that will shake up the whole city—and provide new opportunities for an old enemy. And on top of that, a new plague is spreading through the world, and the denizens of JackPoint aren’t immune to its effects.

All this tension has been building up, and in Storm Front, it breaks.S torm Front provides background and updates on these and other plotlines changing the shape of the Sixth World. The shadows are shifting, and runners need to move fast if they want to earn a paycheck—or if they want to keep from being crushed as the powers of the world slug it out. The world is changing, but some things remain the same. Power will corrupt. Money will flow to those who already have it. And shadowrunners will scramble to make a living without selling their soul.

Storm Front provides plot information as well as adventure hooks that are compatible with ShadowrunFourth Edition while also laying the groundwork for the upcoming Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. As a bridge between the two editions, this book is useful to all Shadowrun players, setting the stage for explosive stories and memorable campaigns.

Next up we have our latest e-book, a dive into the simsense and BTL world called Sim Dreams and Nightmares (BattleshopDriveThruRPG). Here what it’s got:

Feel More. Do Less.

The Sixth World is full of seductions, and perhaps no siren song is sweeter than that of simsense. Feel the rush of new love without the work of having to date another person. Skydive from the upper reaches of the atmosphere without leaving your couch. Experience every emotion humans are capable of feeling, and do it with a greater intensity than most humans will ever feel. Just don’t spend too much time wondering what it’s doing to your brain.

Alleys and backrooms of every major sprawl in the world are littered with better-than-life junkies who can do nothing but think about their next fix. Reality is nothing more a pale shadow of the vitality and energy they experience with the right chips and downloads. Their need is deep—which, in the hallowed tradition of the Sixth World, means they are ripe for exploitation.

Sim Dreams and Nightmares contains information about the full range of simsense offerings, as well as new qualities and addiction rules to fully reflect the toll that simsense and better-than-life offerings can take on users. Runners can learn how to deal with the addicts out there—and explore how deep into the seamier side of the Sixth World they want to get.

Sim Dreams and Nightmares is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.


And finally, we have a classic release for you–that treasure trove of information and attitude, The Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to North America (BattleshopDriveThruRPG)! Here’s what it packs:

See the Sights!

Take a tour of North America with the slightly warped. Learn the ins and outs of major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Make your next vacation an exciting one, one they’ll never forget.

The Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to North America details the countries, states, and politics of Shadowrun’s North America. This sourcebook covers the laws, relative costs of goods, what to smuggle and to whom, corporate activity, who’s bought whom and just what are they really up to, and life in general and how to screw it up in style.

Note: This file is scanned from the original 1991 printing.


Mercenaries and Talisleggers on the loose! Two new PDF releases: 10 Mercenaries and SRM 04-12: Showcase

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Late February winter blahs getting you down? We’ve got some explosive new Shadowrun e-books to heat things up! First we have a new sourcebook, 10 Mercs (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), that provides details on ten lean and mean Sixth World mercenary corps:

Cynical, Sold-out, and Skilled

Hired guns. People without a country who know no loyalty. Opportunists, bottom-feeders, scavengers, vultures. Soldiers without a soul who will go to the worst hells on Earth and do just about anything for a buck.

That’s how they talk about mercenaries. But that’s how they talk about shadowrunners, too.

There’s a fine line between mercenaries and shadowrunners, and it’s a line that gets crossed repeatedly. Sometimes runners will find themselves in the battlefield, working with a mercenary group and doing their best to survive as all kinds of fire rain down on their heads. Other times, they’ll find themselves in the sights of a skilled and deadly mercenary corps, trying to stay alive against superior numbers and firepower.

Either way, they should know about the mercenary units out there, to either improve their bargaining position or help them stay alive. 10 Mercs profiles ten different mercenary outfits, including Ryan Mercury’s New Assets, the unconventional skill of Bravo Company, and the deadly magic of Task Force Magus. These groups present an array of threats or a bounty of opportunities—depending on which end of the barrel you’re at.

Along with the unit profiles, 10 Mercs provides NPC stats for each unit along with information on vehicles used by many of the units. If mercenaries are going to play a role in your campaign, 10 Mercs is a critical resource for adding flavor, plot hooks, and rules to your Shadowrun game.

10 Mercs is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.


Next up, a new Mission is out! SRM 04-12: Showcase (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG) brings the Great Seattle Artifact Rush to a head in grand style:

Shock Compression

The players are lined up. The goals are clear. The waiting is over. The ultimate rush is beginning, and it’s going to pull a lot of dangerous elements closer and closer together until they explode.

The shadows of Seattle have been heaved this way and that in the Great Seattle Artifact Rush, and a fair number of artifacts have been collected (in exchange for a handful of deaths and a helping of destruction). The powers of the magical world have been alerted, and they ready to get their hands on as many artifacts as possible. This means shadowruns, which means plenty of runners are about to be caught up in one of the worst mana-based drek-storms to hit the city in a long while.

What starts as an investigation into a museum heist rapidly grows into a conflagration that could consume a good part of the sprawl. Clever players will need to see if they can survive, and how much nuyen they can wrangle out of the fight. Hopefully they’ll get enough for a nice vacation or significant medical treatment, because chances are that they’re going to need both.

SRM 04-12: Showcase is the latest in the Shadowrun Missions living campaign. Whether you’ve been playing the whole fourth series of Missions now and are ready for an explosive turn to the ongoing story, or you are new to the series and are looking for a high-stakes, high-danger run, Showcase is ready for you, with the full adventure details and NPC stats needed to give players one of those shadowruns they’ll be talking about for years.

SRM 04-12: Showcase is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Topps & Catalyst Announce Long-Term License Extension

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The Topps Company and Catalyst Game Labs are pleased to announce a long-term extension for the Shadowrun and MechWarrior/BattleTech licenses. This deal facilitates Catalyst’s goals of continuing to support and grow the MechWarrior/BattleTech and Shadowrun brands and will see them continue to produce high quality role-playing games and outstanding fiction.

“Everyone involved at Catalyst has a decades-long love affair with these two fantastic universes,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “To work creatively with hundreds of writers and illustrators around the world, and driving the game and storylines forward remains a dream come true. In this Year of Shadowrun, that dream has reached new heights as we’re working with phenomenal industry veterans from Mike Elliot to Rob Heinsoo to Ross Watson (and a host of others) to bring Shadowrun to gaming tables in all new ways. To see that vision and dedication recognized by Topps through a license extension is incredibly gratifying.”

Catalyst Game Labs continues its full support of BattleTech through numerous, already announced book titles. Additionally, 2013 is The Year of Shadowrun, with Shadowrun Fifth Edition announced, along with Crossfire, an adventure deck-building game, Sprawl Gangers, a table-top miniatures game of gang warfare, and more.

“The folks at Catalyst have a passion and enthusiasm for these brands that is hard to match”, said Adam Levine, Topps’ Licensing Manager. “Our continued association illustrates our commitment to our most important partners as well as our renewed focus on the MechWarrior/BattleTech and Shadowrun brands.”

Catalyst Game Labs offers a variety of online sources for information, from its company website,, to its BattleTech-related websites in (all things BattleTech-related) and (the board game), to its Shadowrun-related websites in (all things Shadowrun-related), (all things Fourth Edition-related) and (all things Fifth Edition-related, as well as Crossfire, Sprawl Gangers and more).

About Catalyst Game Labs
Catalyst Game Labs is dedicated to producing high quality games and fiction that mesh sophisticated game mechanics with dynamic universes-all presented in a form that allows beginning players and long-time veterans to easily jump into our games and fiction readers to enjoy our stories even if they don’t know the games.

Catalyst Game Labs is an imprint of InMediaRes Productions, LLC, which specializes in electronic publishing of professional fiction. This allows Catalyst to participate in a synergy that melds printed gaming material and fiction with all the benefits of electronic interfaces and online communities, creating a whole-package experience for any type of player or reader. Find Catalyst Game Labs online at

About The Topps Company, Inc.
Founded in 1938, The Topps Company is the preeminent creator and brand marketer of sports cards, entertainment products, and distinctive confectionery. Topps leading sports and entertainment products include Major League Baseball, National Football League, English Premiere League, Bundesliga, Indian Premier League, WWE, UFC, Mars Attacks, Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids and other trading cards, sticker album collections, and collectible games. The Company’s top confectionary brands include “Ring Pop,” “Push Pop,” “Baby Bottle Pop,” “Bazooka” bubble gum, “Sharkies” and “Juicy Drop Pop” products.

Updated This Old Drone–now in color!

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A while back, when we released the popular This Old Drone e-book, we hadn’t moved all of the ebooks to color. But shortly afterward, we went with mostly color art, leaving that book as a black-and-white anomaly in an ocean of color. But that is no longer the case! This Old Drone has been updated to full color, and it even has a few corrections and errata worked into the text! Best of all, if you already purchased the book, all you have to do is download the new version–no charge (you should have received an e-mail notifying you of this). If you haven’t purchased it–well, what are you waiting for? Drones a-plenty are waiting to be used! Head to the Battleshop or DriveThruRPG and check out its full-color glory.

January release extravaganza! Three new products for your Shadowrunning pleasure!

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We’ve got a slew of products hitting the various markets today, with all sorts of things you can add to your Shadowrun game! So let’s get right to some item describin’. First, there’s the long-awaited follow up to The Way of the Adept in the Shadowrun Options series. The new title is The Way of the Samurai (available as a PDF document from the Battleshop and DriveThruRPG), and it serves up your slice-and-dice needs! Here’s the rundown:

Honor. Skill. And Exceptionally Sharp Blades

They are legends. They are dangerous. They are feared. They are to be avoided—unless you have one of them on your side. They are street samurai.

That title covers a variety of skill sets, from the accuracy to nail a target from a thousand meters away to the stealth needed to sneak into a tightly guarded environment and cut someone’s throat before they—or their security—know you’re there. Street samurai know they need to use every tool at their disposal if they want to maintain that all-important edge on their competition. Luckily, some new tools just became available.

The Way of the Samurai is part of the Shadowrun Options line, which provides optional rules players and gamemasters can use to add flavor to their game and their characters. With new gear, new cybersuite packages specifically targeted at street sammies, new Qualities, and character archetypes showing how these tools can be put to use, The Way of the Samurai is a vital tool for street samurai anxious to stay at the top of their game.

The Way of the Samurai is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Next there’s Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life, a new collection of eight full-color maps for use in sprawls across the world, now available for print pre-order or a PDF document from the Battleshop or DriveThruRPG. Here’s what it packs:

Find Your Way Into Wealth—or out of Danger

If your run the shadows long enough and manage to stay alive, you’ll find your way into all sorts of places—from bank vaults where the wealthy store their most previous possessions to densely packed warrens that pack dozens of the poor into tight spaces. Maybe you’ll need to break a patient out of a tightly guarded hospital, or maybe you’ll need to help your client sneak into an exclusive party on the top floor of a luxurious mansion.

Wherever you’re going, it helps to have a map—and some knowledge of who you might run into while you’re there. Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life provides eight full-color maps, including a train station, an airport terminal, an automobile chop shop, and a department store, where shadowrunners might encounter all kinds of challenges. Each map is keyed on one side, while the other provides floor plans that can be given to players clever enough to find them. The book also provides information on who runners are likely to meet at each location, security at those locations, and plot hooks to help gamemasters involve the players at each spot.

Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life provides locations that can be dropped into any major sprawl, making it useful to runners across the globe.

Sprawl Sites: High Society and Low Life is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.


And finally, we have a classic PDF for you! It’s Paranormal Animals of Europe (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), your guide to the finest in continental critters. Here’s what it’s got:

Horrible. Strange. Beautiful.

The glorious creatures of the mythic past and horrors undreamt of dwell in the Europe of 2054. Gargoyles and goblins stalk the streets of London. Centaurs and satyrs roam the countryside. A mysterious and menacing menagerie of creatures, both fearsome and friendly, now populates the European landscape.

Paranormal Animals of Europe is a field guide to these magically awakened creatures. Detailed descriptions and nearly 100 illustrations help bring each animal to life. Get back to nature and liven up your Shadowrun campaign with Paranormal Animals of Europe!

The Year of Shadowrun

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December 21st marks the end of the Mayan calendar, which launched the return of magic and the beginning of Shadowrun’s “Sixth World.” In our own world, this date launches The Year of Shadowrun, where we bring you an avalanche of superb games set in the ever-popular and fantastic Shadowrun universe, one of the most dynamic and long-standing fictional settings of all time.

Due to timezones spreading from Seattle to Germany dealing with elements of this announcement, bear with us as some things may take a while yet to go live. Runs due go sideways…

Read Full Article.

Two Sixth World cities to explore! New release of Montreal 2074, re-release of Seattle Sourcebook!

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Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for the Shadowrun fan on your list or just exploring different locales for your own game, we’ve got two location-centric goodies for you! First, there’s the brand-new Montreal 2074 (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG)!

Great White Shadows

Bikers and go-gangs roam the streets of Montreal in 2074. Organized crime outfits struggle for territory. And neo-anarchists add spice and danger to the streets. All this would seem to be nothing more than lawless chaos except for one thing—money. Cheap real estate and savvy moves by the megacorporations have brought some cash into town, and a new city is being built on the remains of the old. And as every runner knows, when you shine the light of money onto the darkness of a ruined city, you get one thing: shadows

Montreal 2074 gives adventurous runners the chance to take their talents to a new locale, doing business on the isle of Montreal. Whether they are dodging the gangs of the West Island or looking to bargain with the Mafiosi of Saint Leonard, runners will find plenty of opportunities in Montreal. They just need to make sure they don’t end up as part of the piles of rubble—and they also need to watch out for the fast, brutal group known as Les Frères Chasseurs.

Montreal 2074 contains information on neighborhoods, gangs, and activities that bring the city to life in the Sixth World setting. With plot hooks and NPC stats, the book provides everything players and gamemasters need to take a trip to the Great White North.

Montreal 2074 is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.


Also out today is the re-release of the classic, the original Seattle Sourcebook (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG)!

Visit Beautiful Seattle, An Interesting Place to Live

A modern frontier town, sandwiched between the Elven nation of Tir Tairngire and the Native American Nations, Seattle is a place where cultures mix—often with explosive results.

A City of Opportunity

Megacorps with private armies trade in technology and information. Crime bosses rule the underworld of illegal trade, violence, and extortion. There is always plenty of work for people who are willing to get their hands dirty, because the turnover is…brisk.

Fun, Friendly People

Seattle is home to over 300,000 squatters who are willing to kill their mother for a pair of shoes. Fortunately, most never knew their mothers.

Sightsee Along Our Breathtaking Waterfront.

Just don’t stay out after dark. If the Elven street gangs don’t get you, the city cops will, and maybe just for target practice.

The Seattle Sourcebook is a gamemasters reference for Shadowrun. It furnishes all the information you might need to run a campaign in Seattle. Hundreds of locations are described in detail—from big to small and from opulent to seedy. The movers and the shakers of Seattle are fully profiled, be they political, corporate, or underworld. A color section details gang colors, corporate security uniforms, and tribal garb. he book is loaded with maps and will be a great addition to any Shadowruncampaign.

Note: This file is scanned from the original 1990 printing.

New street date, and a video for you all

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Well, we were hoping the print version of Dirty Tricks would be in stores by Christmas, and we came really, really close–it will hit the streets on December 26th! So if you get a little spending cash, or you do some exchanges of duplicate gifts, you’ll be able to pick it up! Or, you know, just pick it up because you want to! Or pre-order it now! Whatever!

In other news, this here is a video we thought you all might be interested in watching. Give it a look!


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