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Stolen Souls now available! Plot action, extraction advice, and more!

The latest book in the Deep Shadows line for Shadowrun is now out (BattleShop, DriveThruRPG)! Building on plot threads presented in Storm Front and Splintered State, Stolen Souls details a crisis shaking up all parts of the Sixth World, including the refuges of the richest and most powerful individuals on the planet. People are losing something they can’t replace–themselves. Their minds and their personalities are being taken from them, with few prospects of getting it back. People are running scared, and they want answers. That means the market for people who might have answers has skyrocketed, and corporations are working over time to snatch the best and brightest minds from each other, in order to find answers to the growing problem–and perhaps discover who was behind it in the first place.

Stolen Souls introduces a new focus for the Deep Shadows book. They have always focused on a particular subject, giving tactics, game advice, gear, and rules associated with this area, but with Fifth Edition, each Deep Shadows book will focus on a particular type of shadowrun. Stolen Souls focuses on extractions, providing advice on how to successfully carry them out and gear, spells, and other rules to help you get the job done. With plot information and details on one of the extraction hotspots of the world–the corporate haven of Manhattan–Stolen Souls is full of information to rocket your game ahead and send it catapulting through twists and turns that will make your game memorable.

Need more info? Here you go:

The War Within

Not all has been right in our shadows of late. Especially in the dark shadows of my mind.

Those were among FastJack’s parting words to JackPoint when he left, the victim of a condition that divided his mind against itself. And the condition is spreading. Across the Sixth World, people’s minds are in schism, as new personalities emerge and battle the old. The world is in chaos, and there is a dramatically increased demand for extractions, to get infected people out of sensitive positions and to steal the insights of people who might know what’s gone wrong.

Stolen Souls is a Deep Shadows sourcebook for Shadowrun with plot updates and adventure hooks, as well as information, techniques, and gear to help make runners extraction aces. It also contains setting information about Manhattan, where key extractions are taking place. Players will get the chance to dig deeper into a new mystery that has torn through the Sixth World—and discover just how deep the conspiracies and cover-ups go.

Stolen Souls is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

Shadowrun 5th Edition for Hero Lab Releasing May 23rd

Excerpt from the Lone Wolf Development website:

As many of you know, Shadowrun Fifth Edition has been in Beta testing since mid-April, and in last month’s newsletter, we shared that its development was nearing completion. Thanks to our Beta testers and the hard work of Mathias, the lead Shadowrun data file author, things are looking good for the Shadowrunners!

We’re excited to announce that Shadowrun Fifth Edition will be releasing for Hero Lab on May 23rd!

Once Shadowrun 5 is available, you can buy Hero Lab at our online store for $29.99, which includes one game system of your choice. If you’re already a Hero lab user, you’ll be able to add Shadowrun 5th Edition to your license for only $20 once we release it in the upcoming weeks.

Keep an eye on our website for release news, and be sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.

New Mission hits the streets! Critic’s Choice now available!

We’re sorry about the gap between Shadowrun Missions, but the good new is the wait is over! The new Mission, Critic’s Choice, is now on sale (Battleshop, DriveThru), and it’s fast-moving fun! Here’s the rundown:

It’s Showtime

When the curtain goes up on a shadowrun in Chicago, you never know who’s going to take the stage. There are all sorts of creepy players out there, ghouls and gangers and more, and once the overture’s done, runners better be ready to dance with whoever emerges, with the rat-a-tat-tat of bullets keeping time.

The cast of characters in this mission includes a good-hearted street doc looking to expand, a pit-fighting elf, a pugnacious gang leader with an historical bent, and one of the oddest tribal gatherings ever seen inside a major sprawl. That’s not all, of course—what would a good shadowrun be without a few surprise guests? Runners will have plenty to keep them on their toes, and hopefully by the end they’ll have moved up a spot or two in the Chicago shadowrunner cast list. Assuming, of course, that they haven’t dropped six feet under.

Critic’s Choice is the latest Mission for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.



Hostile Takeover: Designer Blog Part 1

Designer Blog Part 1

When I got the news that I would be creating the first big Shadowrun-themed board game, I was ecstatic. Shadowrun and I have a long relationship from decades of being a gamer, and my local gaming crew has run RPGs off and on over the course of its existence. Getting the chance to create a milestone event like Hostile Takeover is not only my pleasure, but also truly an honor. Off went the gamer’s hat and it was replaced by the designer’s cap.

Hostile Takeover needed to be epic in feel and execution. Not a game about individual runners sneaking around in the shadows and alleyways, like what happens in the roleplaying game; instead this needed to be a game from the other side of the plot—the megacorporations. This was going to be a game where players were the ones doing all the string pulling, but without losing any of the gritty feel of sketchy missions, random violence, and constant under-the-table double crossing that a good Shadowrun game should have!

That in mind, the initial designs for Hostile Takeover began to take shape.

I knew the game needed to be set in Shadowrun’s iconic Seattle in the 2070s, which gave me a solidly defined base of information to build off of. The map has already been drawn, the megacorporations have already been laid out, and much of the cast of supporting roles exist in the thousands of pages that have been previously written. All we had to do was put all of this together in a fun, exciting game of manipulation and scheming for three to six players.

Many of the best board games in the market combine resource management, a little bit of luck, and oftentimes a set limit on game turns or play time. Mixing all of these things into one game plan, Hostile Takeover will not only require players to think their strategies several turns in advance but also be ready to adapt when the hidden card draws and dice rolls throw unavoidable monkeywrenches—and monkeywrenchers—into the works.

As the game starts to take shape on the designer table, I decided I wanted three major elements in the game to give it the Shadowrun feel: shadowrunners accomplishing missions, players negotiating and manipulating each other for fun and profit, and the potential for an underhanded snatching away of victory from their opponents. The game should have all of these things … and more.

The rough draft of the game started to take form as a badly photoshopped map of Shadowrun’s Seattle, a growing list of shadowrunners, and twelve megacorporation statistic cards to represent who will be hiring them. While the next chapter in Hostile Takeover’s Designer Blog will share a bit more light on how the game is evolving into what I hope will be a fan favorite, I think a great way to close out this segment is with the current list of the megacorporations (you never know what’s going to happen between now, final play testing, development and production) that players of Hostile Takeover will be using to vie for dominance of Seattle: Ares, Aztechnology, Evo, Horizon, Mitsuhama, NeoNET, Regency Megamedia, Saeder-Krupp, Shiawase, Telestrian Industries, Universal Omnitech, and Wuxing!

See you around chummers! Stay tuned for more on this game as it evolves!

Bryan Steele

Sneak Preview: Crafting the Cover for STOLEN SOULS

Crafting a cover for Shadowrun goes rarely the same way twice. Sometimes the magic happens organically, sometimes its the a wonderful recipe combining a variety of ingredients, and sometimes you just need to hit it with napalm. When it came to crafting the title image for Stolen Souls the recipe included all three.

It all started with a plan…

I had an idea in mind that I finally wanted to have the legendary Raven Mimura bring the characters to life. Raven crafted some of my all time favorite character images from the Fourth Edition era, and his amazing character images infuse a range of intensity and storytelling that is among the very best in the industry. I’d long wanted to put him on a cover and as a huge fan of Shadowrun, he was glad for his shot at it.

Next we needed the details, so I tasked Jason Hardy with designing a set of notes that would allow Raven to really work his magic. Jason is a huge fan of Raven’s so he worked up a description for a character wizard to sink his teeth into, which in this case were the frayed ends of forced insanity caused by the dangers in Stolen Souls. Here were the original art notes:

    Setting: Interior hallway of a corporate office. Should be a nice place, with dark wood doors, brass wall sconces, beige walls, padded carpet, that sort of thing. As we get farther in the background, some of the walls look like they have been slashed with an axe…because they have been.

    The focus of the scene is on an executive running down the hallway (toward the viewer) at a full tilt. He is wearing a business suit and tie. His tie is slightly loosened. He is carrying a fire axe. It looks like some of his swings with the axe have been somewhat wild and have cut into his pants, so the lower part of them is looking a bit shredded. His facial expression should be very crazed, to a scary extent—like, say, Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

    Behind him is a runner team. They have been sent to extract him, but they had no idea just how far gone his mind is. They are supposed to take him alive, so they cannot just take him down. They are running after him—we should be able to see a female ork street samurai with a large stun baton, a male dwarf mage getting ready to throw a spell down the hallway, and a female elf shooter lining up a shot with a dart rifle. This team should look like the type you would trust to do a corporate run—not too crazy looking, professional and all, but still looking like shadowrunners.

Raven’s characterizations were right on target from the get go and he did an amazing job bringing these to life.

With those characters in place I then handed off the image to Victor Moreno to build the corporate setting around these characters. Victor has delivered some over-the-top amazing work for Shadowrun settings (like the upcoming Shadowrun: Crossfire box cover) so I tasked him with designing a background which showcased the scene and reinforced Raven’s storytelling. The heavily tilted ‘ground’ reinforced the unbalanced state of the foreground character’s state of mind, and wood panel color palette really sets off the characters nicely.

All told the collaborative result just goes to show how great a team we have here on Shadowrun, and the awesomeness of letting specialists play to their strengths. It’s a great image and does an excellent job illustrating the state of mind one risks in the Sixth World.

Brent Evans
Art Director

Get your Shadowrun fiction fix with Sail Away, Sweet Sister!

New Shadowrun fiction is on sale now for your immediate consumption! It’s got hungry vampires, sardonic spirits, Anne Ravenheart, and so much more! Featuring Thomas McAllister, the main character of Another Rainy Night, the story is an exploration of shadowy deeds and dark desires–just what we like to see in Shadowrun! And as part of the Enhanced Fiction line, it comes with game statistics and rules for the main characters. If you buy the PDF version, the stats are right in the document. If you buy the ePub or Kindle version, you can get the stats for free right here. Or I guess you could just get the stats for free–but you’d be missing out on a great story!

Sail Away, Sweet Sister is available at the following outlets: The Battleshop has a bundle with the PDF, ePub, and mobi versions all bundled together; so does DriveThruRPG. Alternately, you can get the Kindle version at Amazon, and it will be coming soon to the Barnes & Noble online store–watch this space for the link!

Here are some more details if for some reason you haven’t already run out and grabbed it:

Monsters of the Shadows

Thomas McCallister’s area of expertise—the virus that turns metahumans into flesh-eating monsters—has taken him into some dark corners of the Sixth World. When he came face to face with the serial murderer known as the Mealtime Killer, he had hoped that a particularly dark chapter of his life had come to a close. But when night falls in the sprawls of the world, blood is still being shed, and people are still dying. Another killer is still out there, one that needs to be found and stopped, but the challenge McAllister is about to face is one he never could have anticipated. His resolve will be tested in ways he never anticipated in his darkest nightmares.

Sail Away, Sweet Sister builds on the events of Another Rainy Night, taking another dark turn down the streets of the Sixth World to face the monsters that lurk there. Along with a full short story, it contains game statistics for the major characters in the work, as well as spells, gear, and other game information that allows you can drop the people from this story right into your Shadowrun game (stats are included in the PDF version and will be made available as a free PDF that ePub/Kindle buyers can download).

Sail Away, Sweet Sister is dual-statted, meaning it can be used with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition or Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Run & Gun available now for PDF purchase, print pre-order!

The previews have all been posted. The ramp-up is all done. The time is here. Run & Gun, the core combat book for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition is now available for PDF purchase and print pre-order (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG). And when we say print pre-order, we have a load of options for you, since along with the regular edition, we’re also releasing a limited edition of the book! Following on the look of the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition limited editions, this will feature a red leather cover with an embossed illustration of some of the weapons from the book.

So what do you get in Run & Gun? Well, the previews will give you a good taste, but here are some highlights: A monofilament chainsaw. Three laser weapons. Full-color illustrations of dozens of firearms, including the Savalette Guardian and the Ares Executioner. Fashion armor, mil-spec armor, and the deceptive murder armor. Group maneuvers in combat. Called shots on specific body locations. Information on using explosives in cars for assassinations. And so much more!

The graphic below outlines the bundles available at the Battleshop; below that is the summary text of the book if you need more information. Enjoy!

Nothing Is Free

Guns and ammo cost nuyen. Mastering martial arts takes time. And learning how to use explosives without blowing yourself up takes patience and a steady hand. These weapons and more are out there, waiting for you. You have the chance to use them to become deadlier, faster, more dangerous than the next guy—and more dangerous than you were yesterday. You’ll have to pay the price to get what you want, but this is the Sixth World. Don’t you always?

Run & Gun is a combat core rulebook for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, containing more weapons, more armor, more modifications, and more game options such as martial arts and unit tactics. Explosives, survival gear, specialized techniques—they’re all here! Break the book open and prepare to raise your game!

Crossfire At The Printers!

I think that’s worth saying again. Shadowrun: Crossfire is officially at the printers!!! My head does it feel so good to say that.

Why all the delays? Well, as I mentioned in a previous blog, we got a little carried away in our excitement and enthusiasm for all of the awesome-sauce games we want to publish for Shadowrun. While the roleplaying game will always remain near and dear to our hearts, the universe is what makes it sing. And it’s high time that universe was experienced through a variety of ways, from card games to board games and more. Additionally, we tried hard—so very hard, across many months—to see if we couldn’t print this game domestically. But ultimately we finally had to admit defeat and print it overseas.

We’ve used those delays to good effect, though. Going to print simultaneously with the core box is a Demo Kit (we used this last year at Gen Con and Origins, and we’ll be using it for various conventions in the future). Every retailer that orders a set number of boxes (the exact details are still being worked on) will receive a free Demo Kit to help push play in their stores.

On top of that, Character Expansion Pack 1 is also heading to print. It includes 20 Character Cards (with new art), 1 each of the Basic Cards with new art, and a full pack of character upgrade stickers found in the core box. It’s a quick $14.99 purchase that instantly expands your play and campaign options.

Finally, we’ve got a unique Character Card promo with art by the brilliant Echo Chernik that will go out with every single purchase of the first printing of the box. (The exact nature of what the character is … well, we’ll share that sometime in the future.)

“So, it’s at print—what does that mean?” I’m sure that’s the very next question. Well, in a nutshell, this is what’s going to happen (some of you are aware of this process, but sharing it for those who don’t):

1. They’ll send us digital proofs of everything to review and we’ll either approve as is or ask for some tweaks before approval. (This process is already underway with a swath of files already approved.)

2. Then they’ll print out physical proofs of everything (including huge card sheets for all the cards) and ship them to us. It’ll take several hours to carefully go over absolutely everything to ensure the colors are correct, card backs are with correct card fronts, all pieces are there, and so on. Those should be in hand within the next two weeks; obviously we’ll share photos when they’re here.

3. A complete white sample of everything will be built and shipped; generally simultaneously with the materials above. That allows us to see the quality of the paper being used, to make sure everything fits where it should and the box quality is solid, and so on.

In both instances above, we usually ship everything back after the review, so there are some additional days in shipping of materials on both ends.

4. The printer says the manufacturing/printing will take 55 days. I’ve seen that swing by almost 14 days (almost always to the longer).

5. Then the entire print run will be boxed up, palleted and placed on a ship; couple of days of work there. It generally takes 30 days to transit to a US port. It’s another week (provided there are no customs hold ups, which happens about 1/10th of the time) to transit to the warehouse. Then another two to three weeks to be fully processed and shipped out to retail stores all over the world.

Where does that leave us? Well, if you do the math, it means it could be anywhere from mid July all the way into September. That’s why we don’t provide release dates until it’s at least sitting in a US port, and usually not even then; it’s much better to provide that information once the game is in our warehouse. That way once we say “The Street Date is X”, we know it will hit that date.

Will it be at the big conventions? Again, hard to say at this point. We’re hoping to have some limited advanced quantities available at Origins and then stacks-to-the-rafters at Gen Con. But we’ll need to get much closer to those two dates before we’ll know for certain.

Now, at this point we need to point out that we are well aware of today’s date, which means people might take this post with a troll-sized grain of salt. We completely understand how that would be the case. All we can do is share a preview card our crack staff recently put together, and present it to you this way—either the Character Card presented here is completely genuine, or this announcement is. We’ll let you make the call as to which you think is real.

Or just download the PDF.

As we move toward launch day for the game, we’ve got a variety of digital initiatives planned. Obviously we’ll continue to showcase art and cards on our Tumblr. We’re looking at producing multiple promotional videos that players can view and share, as well as a “How To Play” animation video. We’re also planning a “Digital Shadowrun” that’ll involved the community in digging out cards and rules, and perhaps getting people started in playing. A Strategy & Tactics Guide … the full demo kit … the full rules … lots of plans … but we’ll hold more specifics of the when and where until we start pushing things out.

Thanks to everyone that have so patiently waited for this great game. It’ll be well worth the wait for the endless hours of Sixth World card-game goodness coming your way!


The Shadowrun community mourns the passing of Steven A. Tinner

I recently heard that Steven A. Tinner, co-host of the Critical Glitch podcast, gamemaster to the stars, and all-around excellent guy, passed away. So I’m going to talk a little bit about him now.

At Origins Game Fair in 2012, we at Catalyst learned we were going to have the chance to have Felicia Day of Geek and Sundry play a game of Shadowrun. Naturally we wanted her to have as good an experience as possible, so the current conventions coordinator, Steven “Bull” Ratkovich, was tasked with selecting the right gamemaster for the job.

He chose Tinner, and he made an excellent choice. Tinner had been Bull’s gamemaster for a long time, throwing him into the shadows, making life difficult for his characters, occasionally blowing him up, but always making sure all the players had an awesome time.

As a gamemaster, he had all the tools. The rules knowledge, the storytelling ability, the characterization, the enthusiasm—it was all there. Even better, he wanted his players to have fun. Sure, he was tough and would put them through the wringer, but that’s what gave them the stories they talked about years after the games happened. And that’s what happened almost any time you talked to someone who played in a game Tinner ran—they’d tell you a story about the trouble they went into, how fragged up everything got, and how much fun they had.

At conventions, Tinner was one of many great Shadowrun gamemasters who found a way to accommodate any players who came. If people wanted to game, he wanted to make that happen. When he wasn’t running a game, he was an enthusiastic player, throwing himself into his character with energy and glee and daring everyone else at the table to keep up.

Recently, he joined with Tim Patrick to co-host the Critical Glitch podcast covering all things Shadowrun. Listening gives you pure, unfiltered Tinner—smart, opinionated, funny, well informed, and a good interviewer and listener. Quite simply, he had a voice worth listening to.

I knew him through his Shadowrun life, but that wasn’t the only part of his life. He was a family man, active in his faith, and a person of great kindness and compassion. In short, he was the kind of guy we need many more of.

I always look forward to convention season, especially to the chance to walk into the Shadowrun gaming area and see old friends. The fact that Tinner won’t be in that room is a very sad thought; the fact that he will be cackling with glee somewhere as players in that room run into dire situations brings some comfort. I just wish I’d be able to hear it.

Thanks for the laughs, great runs, and good times, Tinner.

Run & Gun preview #4 up with tactical tips!

Say, that there Run & Gun book  we’ve been talking about from time to time is getting awfully close to electronic release. But before it gets there, we’ve got one more preview for you–this time, you get a look at the Tactics & Tools chapter, which is full of info on how your shadowrunners can work together to get the best results, such as not getting their face filled with flying hot lead. It’s available now at the Battleshop and DriveThruRPG-enjoy!

Check out some Shadowrun: Dragonfall reviews, won’t you?

While we’ve been working away on many projects here at Shadowrun central (we use that term because it sounds better than “the desk by my window”), including the forthcoming Run & Gun, we can’t help but notice the stream of alerts making its way into our mailbox courtesy of Google telling us of the various reviews of Shadowrun: Dragonfall that are filling the Internet. Just the other day, we saw a link to PC Gamer that said “I’m going to remember Dragonfall for a long, long time. When the topic of great RPG stories comes up, I’ll mention it in the same breath as Dragon Age or Knights of the Old Republic.”

Then yesterday, when we were editing the metaplanar weirdness that is the forthcoming Aetherology e-book, we came across this from Kotaku, compellingly headlined “Dragonfall Is the Shadowrun I Know and Love.” And on top of that, Hardcore Gamer said “This is a developer that understands and loves their source material, which very evidently comes out in their work. Consequently, Shadowrun: Dragonfall is another home run for the up-and-coming studio.”

In fact, the volume of alerts coming in started to present a problem. We could just keep finding money quote after money quote, like where Game Informer said “The strongly established Shadowrun fiction is a joy to explore, whether you’re familiar with its intricacies or you’re new to the universe,” or Gamespot saying “The action and storytelling merge beautifully in one memorable experience after another,” or Destructoid’s opinion that “If you enjoyed your first taste of Shadowrun, then Dragonfall should be an immediate purchase.” And we thought about how we could keep doing this for a while, but then we remembered one of the things we like more than reading nice things about Shadowrun is playing Shadowrun. So we’re going to go play.

Crossfire Character Cards Preview

Thought we’d share a slew of pre-final Character Cards for Shadowrun: Crossfire. Not all of these will appear in the base Crossfire set; some will go into the base set, others will be included in a Character Card Expansion Pack 1.

If you’d like a close-up look at one of the Character Cards, check out our Tumblr.

Run & Gun preview #3 up! Check out some of the combat options!

Another Run & Gun preview has spun out into the wilds of the Internet—particularly the Battleshop and DriveThruRPG—and if you want a preview of some of the combat options this book is going to offer you, this is a preview you definitely want to check out. Especially since, like the rest of the previews, it’s free! Just so you know, the full chapter from which this is excerpted is nearly 40 pages long and has some sweet martial arts stuff in it, along with offensive options, defensive options, and more!

Run & Gun preview #2 now available! Catch an overview of the whole book!

I guess it’s time for another Run & Gun preview, so we’ve got one posted! This time we’ve posted the entire introductory section to give you an idea of what you’ll be able to find in the book and how it can be used. It’s totally free, and available at either the Battleshop or DriveThruRPG, so I can’t conceive of a single reason to not go out and get it. Enjoy!

Run & Gun preview #1 now available!

Did you know that Run & Gun, the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition combat core rulebook is coming soon? And that it will have new weapons, armor, explosives, combat and defense options, martial arts, and more? Did you know the art crew has been doing their usual bang-up job to make things look especially awesome and brutal? Well, all that’s been happening, but we don’t want you to take our word for it. Go check out the first preview for the book instead! It’s available for free at the Battleshop and DriveThruRPG. Remember that the usual preview caveats apply–proofing is still ongoing, so what you’re looking at likely isn’t the final text. But it should give you a taste of what’s to come–in this case, a taste of the armor section! Check it out!

Run & Gun Cover

We’ve been sharing interior art over on our Tumblr and we’ll continue to do so…but time to unveil the cover!

I’ll admit it—I’ve reached the point where I’m a little intimidated. I know that when Victor Moreno is assigned to do a Shadowrun cover, he’s going to rock it. He’s going to take the art notes and find the Sixth World heart of them, making an awesome piece of cyberpunk goodness that absolutely brings the art notes to life.

Which means if there’s something wrong with the piece, it’s probably because there was a flaw in the art notes. So that’s the intimidating part—I need to raise my game to match Victor’s, or the cover is not going to look right and it’s gonna be my fault. With an artist of Victor’s talent (you can check out his work on the free GM screen wallpapers), that means I need to work hard to be sure I don’t bring him down.

Another challenge with the cover is that there is so much going on in the Run & Gun book, making it tough to select just what should be on the cover. After all, there are new offensive and defensive options, new weapons of all kinds, martial arts, explosives, and more—the kind of things that are tough to fit on a single coherent image.

But this is when the leadership of our glorious art director Brent Evans comes in. Back when we were planning Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, a group of us were gathered with a huge collection of Shadowrun sourcebooks spread out on multiple horizontal surfaces. The point was to look at cover art throughout the history of Shadowrun and decide what worked—and why. As Brent led us through analysis and discussion of the art, one thing that became clear was that character-focused art often leads to great covers. For Run & Gun, then, that meant not focusing on the tools and tricks the book contains, but the people who use them.

So the idea started to come into focus. The cover of Fields of Fire served as a major inspiration. It’s a great image of a tough-looking team ready to do business in a classic Sixth World urban wasteland. Since the cover of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition had more of a downtown setting, having an urban wasteland, Barrens-ish setting would be a nice change of pace. The team should look battered but ready, because that’s the condition shadowrunners are in about ninety percent of the time. And there should be a good cross-section of runners—not just different metatypes, but also different types of fighters. So we’ve got the pistol-toting dwarf, the ork who looks more inclined to hand-to-hand fighting, an elf ready to lay down automatic weapons fire, and a human loaded with explosives. Then we just have to put them in the Barrens and watch ‘em shine.

Naturally, Victor took the ideas in the art notes and made them better. One of the fun things about seeing the art come in after writing the art notes is to see how the artist interpreted the original idea, and also see what details they chose to throw in to make the image come to life. The Run & Gun cover is full of fun things to look at: the elf’s exposed cyberskull, the multiple arm scars on the ork from years of hard fighting, the cigar-and-cybereyes face of the dwarf, the roto-drone flaming out behind the crew, and plenty more. It’s a tough image of brutal people who look intent on surviving no matter what is thrown at them, which makes it pretty perfect for Shadowrun.

-Jason Hardy

Shadowrun, Fifth Edition errata now available

Working in gaming is really good for reminding you that you are far from perfect. Repeatedly. Anyway, after spending time playing and enjoying Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, we noticed that there were some changes and improvements that needed to be made. Those changes are listed in an errata document now available right here or on the Battleshop or DriveThruRPG. A few important notes about the errata document:

• The document is a layered PDF, meaning you can print it without all the background material to save you some printer ink.

• The document lists substantive changes to the book. We have also found some typos, grammatical issues, and other minor things that need changing, but they are not included in this document, as we wanted to focus on things likely to affect gameplay.

• The changes in this document and the aforementioned typos and such will be incorporated into the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition PDF in the near future. At that time, people who have bought the PDF will receive notification that they can download an updated version.

• Note that there will likely be updates to this document as time goes by–we’ll try to announce when a new version comes out.

That’s about it! We hope this helps you have even more fun playing Shadowrun!

Shadowrun Digital Tools Box Poster

We’ve been sharing art from the Digital Tool Box (as well as other upcoming books) on our Tumblr…feel free to check that out.

However, Tumblr doesn’t allow a pop-up window and for sharing this poster I felt you really needed to be able to zoom in some on the details on the North American map (circa 2075). And of course, Echo Chernik’s marvelous cover on the back of the poster (from the Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware portion of the Digital Tools Box)…even better large!

Shadowrun Digital Tools Box released! Make Shadowrun easier to play than ever!

We’ve got a doozy of a release for you today! You might have heard about our two upcoming box sets–the Beginner Box Set,  which adds characters, NPCs, and adventures seeds to the quick-start rules to make it easy to discover the world of Shadowrun, and Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware, which expands on the quick-start rules, provides more adventures, adds character details, and in all ways gives you more tools to run a fast and fun game of Shadowrun with your friends. The print versions of those boxes are moving ahead, but if you don’t want to wait, you can get the goods now with the Shadowrun Digital Tools Box! All of the content from the boxes are here, for the low price of $19.99 (available at the Battleshop and DriveThruRPG)! And not only do you get the content, you also get codes that provide discounts on pre-orders of the physical boxes!

Whether you are trying Shadowrun for the first time, looking to introduce new players to adventure in the Sixth World, or simply want a fast, easy way to play Shadowrun, the Digital Tools Box is for you! Need more info? Well, check out the full description:


The Shadowrun Digital Tools Box is 2 box sets in 1! Whether you’re just getting into Shadowrun or you’re a runner that’s been hitting the streets since the 2050s, you’ll find useful material here for running any type of game. Here’s what you get!


The Shadowrun Beginner Box is the easiest way to dive into the intrigue, grit and action of one of the most enduring role-playing settings of all time! Tailor-designed for an easy-on-the-credstick entry, the Beginner Box includes the following:

    • The Edge of Now gives the flavor and background of the Sixth World
    • Quick-Start Rules: Fast rules and a quick adventure to whet your appetite for more.
    • A pre-generated character booklet: Allows for a gamemaster and one person to run a solo adventure.
    • 5 pre-generated character sheets: Details that’ll allow up to five players to play with the help of a gamemaster.

Whether you’re new to Shadowrun or new to roleplaying, this package will get you into the fun of hacking, shooting, and spellslinging your way to the top!


Scan This, Chummers:

    • Do you play Shadowrun now and are looking for a set of tools to allow you to more easily run your existing group, or that’ll allow you to introduce new gamers to your favorite RPG at your local game store or hangout?
    • Are you a gamemaster ready to give Shadowrun a shot, and you want a few extra tools at your disposal from the first toss of your dice?
    • Have you tackled the Beginner Boxand are ready to move up in the Sixth World?

Say yes to any of those? Then the Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware is the box set for you.

Designed to provide adventures, maps, and tools to use in conjunction with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, or to be the perfect stepping-stone between the Shadowrun Beginner Box and the core rulebook, this box can fill a number of roles. Whether you’re looking for more tools to help your existing gaming group, or adventures and options to move beyond the Beginner Box, laying the groundwork for your gaming group to move fully onto Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, you’ll find this kit invaluable.

This box has all you need to play a game of Shadowrun, including:

    • Rules of the Street: An 88-page rulebook designed to be accessible and simple to use.
    • Plots and Paydata: 80 pages of adventures and tips for any Shadowrungamemaster.
    • Eight double-sided maps to help players and GMs track the action.
    • 110 spell, weapon, and gear cards for quick reference.
    • 5 pre-generated characters players can use right away.

An exclusive, first access to a 48-page excerpt from the forthcoming Shadowrun novel, Fire & Frost, the first all-new original Sixth World novel in years!


A PDF of codes is zipped with this Digital Tools Box. Once the pre-orders on the physical Beginner Box Set and Runner’s Toolkit: Alphaware go live at www.battlecorps.com/catalog, you can use these codes for $5, $10 or even $20 (depending upon the box set(s) you want) off your pre-order!

Crossfire: Game Play Example

With holidays and sickness out of the way, time to get back to regular posts surrounding all the awesome-sauce Shadowrun stuff coming down the pipeline.

First up as we get back on track, here’s the pre-final Crossfire game play example that appears in the back of the book; I say pre-final because it might change very slightly between now and the final rulebook (which, if my evil plans work out, we’ll be leaking soon).

No, I don’t have any details on when it will be available. Still swimming through production and that’s a miasma of ‘fun’ that simply precludes our ability to provide any details. Once we’ve hit some better bench marks we’ll share those details.